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Monday, 27 May 2013

Jade and Richard's wedding

It's been a LONG time since I posted. 

Far too long. I'm having the trouble, that I hope most other 20 year olds have too, which is finding balance. Between work, family and friends, trying to find time and energy to edit has been (for the first time) hard for me. With pressure mounting as you get older, it's a little overwhelming... and you often feel like hiding away from extra work, when all you've done all day is be up on your feet trying to save up for that next lens, that next camera body! But recently I've found that editing actually relives me of my stress, rather than adding to it. It feels great to be doing what I love, and to see my photography and myself developing. I surprised myself with thinking the other day how much I actually like my week being jam packed, and that I'm pushing myself to do more and more. Far better than sitting at home all day, searching for things to fill my hours.

Anyway, enough about my epiphanies. 

Jade and Richard's wedding took place at Woodbury Park, just outside of Exeter. It was such a beautiful day, and all family and friends were a laugh and loved being silly for the camera. Especially when Gareth got out the prop box at the end of the evening for the photo-booth! Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures here (far too dark for me without a good flash), which you can see here on Gareth's blog -

Jade and Richard's enthusiasm for good photographs was an added bonus. Whilst my preferred shots are the candid's, the couples photographs are going to be the ones that the husband and wife are going to be 'awww-ing' over in years to come. Despite the fact that it was FREEZING outside, Jade was determined to stay outside for as long as possible. Richard kept on checking on her to see if she was okay and she just kept repeating "It's alright, I want good photo's".

Looking back through all the wedding's I've done so far, I find that most of my favorites are amongst the speeches. I had the opportunity this weekend to see what it was like to be on the other end of the lens for a change at my Uncle's wedding; where Gareth was also the photographer! And to be honest, I really didn't notice Gareth was there. I always worry that people are made uncomfortable by the photographers presence, but in reality, you're so caught up in the day that the photographer is the last thing on your mind! It's a relief to know really, that people aren't annoyed with me shoving a camera in their face (though this is going by my personal experience!)


I have my first wedding (as the professional photographer rather than the second shooter) in July this year. The ceremony is going to be held at Haldon Belvedere, a stunning location which has some amazing photo opportunities! The bride and groom were lovely, friendly people and I'm so excited to be shooting their wedding for them!

In the meantime, I'm shooting more weddings with Gareth and cramming in as much practice as possible. 

More photographs to follow soon!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New 550D

So I have finally waved a fond farewell to the use of my exhausted 1000D, and invested in a nifty 550D. It's still branded my most photographers as a camera for first time DSLR buyers. However, for me, it's a huge step up from my first camera, which - to the end of it's career - was incredibly battered and 'well used'. 

It's a fantastic low light camera for me to use for more wedding's, with the ISO extending from 100-6400 (whereas my 1000D was from 100-1600), and a 18MP sensor, the quality is doubled, noticeably. I was playing with it for hours when it first arrived, giddy with excitement over the improved quality (I dread to think what I'll be like when I finally purchase a full frame camera - I've got the 5D mark ii in my sights.) This camera goes hand in hand with my little 50mm 1.8 and I can't wait to use them for a wedding. 

My niece and nephew have been the first to star on this new piece of equipment, and will probably feature frequently as I practice for my nearing lifestyle portrait shoot! 

Enjoy the photograph's, and expect more work soon!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Trash the dress!

Before Gareth asked me to help him out with this next shoot, I had never heard of Trash the Dress before. It's a big tradition in America, but it's crept over the Atlantic and is now a growing trend in Old Blighty. And why not? Its a opportunity to have some fun, and to get more use out of a dress you would usually only get to wear once. And that's why most brides do it, they can't stand the idea of their dress hung up in the attic for the moths to nibble on! Our bride, Michelle, didn't want anyone else to wear her dress after her and she wanted to do something different and interesting! 

There's loads of room for creativity with these kinds of shoots; from setting the dress on fire, to jumping in a swimming pool or river. They're not only a great way to have fun, but it's also an opportunity to get some more couple photo's, because no matter how much time you put aside on your wedding day for photographs, it's never enough!

It was freezing up on the moor. We must have been outside for 3-4 hours, and even with several layers, thick socks and wellies on, my hands turned blue. I can't imagine what Michelle must have felt like in her strapless wedding gown and, at points, her little peep toe high heels! 

I'm really glad that I was introduced to this new-ish post-wedding tradition, and I would encourage any newly-weds to get involved! 



Coming up - Easter holiday - Lifestyle Portraits